CRM & Call Center Management

The position and importance of call centers in Health Organizations/Corporations in all countries of the world, especially in countries with developed health systems, are undeniablely salient. In detail; businesses make high-cost investments for call centers. Technically, they either buy high-budget CRM technologies or by establishing this investment within their own organization, they both increase their brand value and their power to sell and provide an advantageous situation for themselves compared to their competitors. Call centers play an important role in increasing customer loyalty. Especially in our country, the increasing number of private hospitals in recent years has made it obligatory to create loyal customers in line with in intense competition,. In this respect, it is a necessity for health orgzanizations/corporates both in small and large scales to establish and manage the CRM Department technically and administratively.

While Fides Health Agency technically constructs and manages CALL CENTER services, at the same time;

• it establishes technical infrasturcture of CRM system

• it coordinates necessary work to ensure integration of CRM system with installation automatization system

• it carries out patient monitoring system

• it follows getting backs to appointments

• it ensures team effectiveness and develops Premium system

• it monitors complaint management system,

• it carries out the necessary organization as sales channel

By this way, Fides increases brand value and market share and profitability of the health corporate.

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