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Efficient Contracted Organizations Management in Health

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Hello to everyone. We are together again in another article. In this article, we will mention about the topic of ‘Contracted Organizations Management’ which is an important source of revenue for health organizations.

Important sources of revenue of private health sector in Turkey are the income generated through Social Security Institution patient group as well as private health insurances and the patients in other service groups of these insurance companies, private retirement funds, foundations and the companies which provide intermediary services. When the revenue coming from Social Security Institution is compared with the revenue from other ones, the revenue coming from the organizations other than Social Security Institution is higher and this indicates that how important Contracted Organization Management is in private health sector.

In the process management carried out with contracted organizations, appropriate lobbying activities are accomplished without any failure in the quality of the services provided by the health organization.

In our Contracted Organization Management services which are prepared and followed-up by experts in this field who work in Fides Health, we carry out promotion and promotional activities specific to private health institutions and organizations. By this way, we ensure that your existing and future contracts with private insurance companies and other private health guarantee service providers are carried out in the highest ratios in the market which you are in.

As Fides Health, we provide you with the following Contracted Organization Management services:

  • Private Health Insurance Hospital Service Contract Management
  • Complementary Health Insurances Hospital Service Contract Management
  • Overseas and Foreign Health Insurance Hospital Service Contract Management
  • Promotion and Marketing Activities
  • Strategic Planning and Pricing Service
  • Contracted Healthcare Organization Special Service Panels Management
  • Training for authorized personnel
  • Lobbying Activities

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