Medical Tourism

Almost all patients who decide to get treatment in a country other than their country of residence need some support and services related to non-medical issues before, during and after treatment, at this stage, reliable intermediary organizations, reliable health tourism platforms take an important role to direct these patients to reliable health organizations/corporations in supporting them in line with their decisions.

By sharing its 10-year experience of medical tourism services with its stakeholders,  Fides Health Agency enables people who live abroad and want to get services from our country within the scope of health tourism to reach you via digital channel. Fides Health Agency offers a digital roadmap for the health organizations/corporations and physicians in the clinics to which it serves to make them preferable to their competitors; designs a website in line with the patient’s view point and patient user friendliness for patients to  reach the health organization/corporation digitally; and manages social media, the advertising and adwords channel at most affordable cost.

In addition Fides Health provides services to its clients on the following topics:


• Communicating with International Insurance Companies
• Hinterland Consultancy,
• Consultancy for State Incentives,
• Making agreements with Assistance Companies and relationship management
• Making agreements with health tourism companies-agencies
• Participation, promotion, communication activities including event organizations such as Fairs etc.
• Activities of informing foreing patients about prices and treatment, coordination
• Starting from patient reception stage, following all the statges of treatment, coordination of these statges and following the stages related to patient’s leaving.


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