The Place and Importance of Digital Marketing in Health Tourism

The Place and Importance of Digital Marketing in Health Tourism

Health tourism is the desire of individuals to receive treatment in another country in order to regain their health. Health tourism in the world and in our country, is a rapidly rising trend in recent years and is a very important alternative tourism type.

Digital marketing in health tourism undoubtedly enables us to reveal and direct the demand. First of all, we should start with the following question: “Why is the Health Tourist Treated Abroad?” From this point of view, we start by putting the services we have developed in our institution at the forefront.

  • Price advantage
  • Special Treatments
  • High Technology
  • Speed/Comfort/Maintenance

We need to coordinate the decision-making processes of patients and the services we highlight. The decision-making process begins with information and awareness. It is useful to start the marketing process with this ring. The next step is the patient’s evaluation. Our services should attract attention at this stage.

So How Do Patients Find You Online? Featured parameters:

  • A Strategic Website
  • Online Marketing
  • Digital PR Management
  • An Effective Social Media Management


If we list the topics that you should definitely pay attention to when creating your digital marketing network abroad;

  • Your “Website”, Your Door Opening to the Digital World

You should have a website in at least three languages that fully describes the vision and mission of the healthcare institution. You should take care to explain the service areas you provide in a clear and simple language. Along with the content developed according to the relevant countries, you should choose the appropriate countries for the visual designs. You should establish a site infrastructure that is user-friendly and will positively affect the information and decision-making process.

2) ‘Social Media Channels’ That Allow You to Communicate with Everyone

  • Research the health market where you want to promote your services.
  • Carefully monitor the epidemiological data of the healthcare market.
  • Perform competitive analysis.
  • Take care to use the same language and give the same message in all social media channels.
  • Use unique content and designs by region.

3) Digital Media Ads (My Budget is Low – How Can I Advertise?)

An effective online marketing can be done for every budget. The important points here are;

  • Identify the countries you want to access.
  • Identify the services that you want to highlight / want to create demand for.
  • Make budget planning according to regions.
  • Research the competition in the relevant healthcare market.
  • Master the legal obligations.
  • In addition to digital marketing studies, field and communication activities are also very important.

From a wider perspective; ‘Digital marketing’ is an effective and active method, yes, but it is only one of the legs of the table.

With the field and communication studies you will have, you can sustain your health tourism activities.