Health Tourism

In line with the increasing demands and needs in health tourism over the last 10 years, we are aware of the geographical power and favorable opportunities of our country. Taking momentum from this privileged position, we are building a digital bridge between our companies and our patients living abroad who want to receive service from our country within the scope of health tourism.
medikal turizm danismanligi

We create a special roadmap for the health institutions and clinicians we serve, and make it possible for them to reach their patients in the fastest and most interactive way. Based on the priorities that will add value to your company, with this roadmap we have drawn up in order to get to know you and determine your needs, we examine all elements of advertising, promotion and marketing with direct and traditional marketing methods, and ensure that you reach your target audience through the most appropriate channel.

With our knowledge and experience of more than 10 years, we become your companion in many areas such as consultancy services for government incentives, communication with international companies, agreements with health tourism companies and agencies, fairs and promotion organizations.

In this context, we organize your work in areas such as website design, social media consultancy, Google Adwords, Meta Ads.

What do we do?

  • Communication with International Insurance Companies
  • Hinterland Consulting
  • Consultancy for Government Incentives
  • Communication Management with Assistance Firms
  • Management of Agreement Process with Healthy Tourism Companies
  • Participation, Promotion and Communication Studies for Organizations such as Fairs and Promotions.
  • Follow-up for All Treatment Processes of Foreign Patients
  • Special Web Sites for Companies or Individuals to Operate in the Field of Medical Tourism
  • Social Media Consultancy in the Field of Medical Tourism
  • Digital Marketing Studies in the Field of Medical Tourism