Ads Management

If you aim to reach thousands or even millions of people in the digital world, we are here for you! With the experience, we have gained in the field of health, we design your Google Adwords ads in order to put you in a prominent position in both the domestic and international markets and to help you get ahead of your competitors. In line with this target, we determine a budget that suits you or decide how we can use your budget in the most effective way. In the next step, we move on to the preparation process of your campaigns with keywords and ad texts suitable for the search terms of people living in the countries we will advertise. Because health also requires some empathy.

hastane ve saglil reklamciligi

What are we aiming for?

  • Ensuring maximum efficiency with the right advertising budget
  • Optimizing your campaigns with the right setup
  • Enabling you to get ahead of your competitors with creative ad texts
  • Enabling you to be listed higher at a lower cost by increasing your ad quality score
  • Identifying the right channels for you with our mobile and desktop budget bid strategy
  • Delivering the services you want to offer to millions of people
  • Making your company a brand known by many