Digital Marketing

Because of close relationship between social media and digital marketing in the world and in our country and with constantly and continuously increasing number of users, people spending more time on the internet thanks to mobile devices, tablets and computers, and following the websites and social media accounts of the organizations they are interested in,  digital marketing now means a market power in itself for companies and brands.

 The biggest advantage of digital marketing for companies and brands is that it provides them with the opportunity to reach thousands of clients at the same time at very low costs or in very short time intervals. Especially in the digital environment, especially in social media sites and applications, there is a decrease in the advertising and marketing costs of businesses. With the advantage of this situation, businesses can have effect on more people at much less costs. With digital marketing, businesses can quickly convey the changes on the services they provide or the products they sell, namely advertisements of the innovations, to the people. Brands are trying to integrate their marketing strategies with this speed and these demands on these platforms which change and develop extraordinarily on a daily basis.  way every day.

As Fides Health Agency, we offer advertising projects, advertising content productions, advertising designs, banner designs, advertising targeting which are specific to the organizations/corporates, reflect the corporate identity and which are specific to the social media fields they want to use and we present monthly advertising reports. By this way, we provide the opportunity to reach your target audience directly with your marketing activities on the digital environment.

From strategy to implementation, we look at the big picture without missing the details. As digital, by its very nature, is an ever-growing endless media environment, our list is always expanding and definitions are always changing. In this context, we set out by determining the best strategies you need to achieve your goal.

What we do?
• Mobile apps and software development
• Web design
• Social media management
• Content management
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Dijital PR
• Online advertising management & SEM (Social Media Marketing)
• Mail marketing
• Inbound marketing


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