Health Services Marketing

In health service marketing, there are some different features that stem from both the unique characteristics of the service sector and the sensitivity of the issue of health compared to other application areas of marketing.

Marketing of healthcare is important for financial success of physicians and healthcare businesses of different sizes. Private clinics and large healthcare businesses must grasp the new patient attitude/ behaviour and deliver services in line with the desire of the consumers. Satisfied patients turn into loyal customers. By this way, they become positive participants in their healthcare experience and the overall success of the healthcare business of their choice.

We make you distinguished from your competitors with our brand positioning and strategy-oriented service approach. With our professional team that develops special communication projects specific to structure of each organization/corporation, we are enjoying the happiness to be with you on this way to success by offering you high quality and suitable communication projects/services.

Being a brand in the health sector distinguishes you from your competitors, brings your being recognized and reliability to the fore. In this sense, we set appropriate brand positioning strategies for you and carry out your communication activities in line with this brand positioning.

What We Do?
• Project Management
• Strategic Marketing Consultancy
• Coprorate Portfolio Management

• Doctor Portfolio Management
• Organizational Structure and Bussiness Promotion Development
• Patient Services and Marketing Integration
• Product/Service Construction

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