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Our young and creative staff in strategic planning, marketing, communication and brand consultancy develops a solution-oriented approach to overcome the problems faced by the institutions we serve in the health sector. The strategies we offer for all brands focusing on health and wellness are positioned in line with the brand’s corporate vision, mission and values. We offer our expertise specifically only to “health industry professionals”. 

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Ways of “Healthy” Communication

Today, communication services provided by health institutions and organizations from their own bodies or formed by independent agencies, roughly speaking, is the process of observing, perceiving and evaluating the demands of the public and introducing the service provided by the health institution to the public. At this point, we would like to mention a number of issues.

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Tourism, Marketing & Communication in Health

The Health Sector is a more sensitive sector than many sectors due to its dynamics and principles. The commercial dimension of the service provided and the content of the service may contradict each other. In order to make a successful and effective health tourism, those who work on health tourism…