Tourism in Health, Marketing & Communication.

We are together in another post. In this article, we will mention about the consultancy services that could be provided for field planning and marketing in health tourism and the issues that are needed to be paid attention.

We are together in another article. In this article, we will talk about the consultancy services that can be given in the name of field planning and marketing in health tourism and the issues to be considered.

The Health Sector is a more sensitive sector than many sectors due to its dynamics and specific features. Accordingly, the commercial dimension of the service provided and the content of the service may contradict each other. For a successful and effective health tourism, companies working on health tourism should understand and know the sector, stakeholders and people with whom they will cooperate well. They should be aware of the language that is unique to health. At the same time, it is necessary to have strong bindings with the people to be cooperated in the sector. Marketing and communication consultancy in health tourism is a job that should be considered for these reasons. Ethical values, rules, medical language and physicians should be the coordinator, not an obstacle to their profession.

Preparatory Steps for Strengthening the Position in Health Tourism is to ensure that health tourists are informed of the support provided by government institutions. Such as, internet of institutions etc. facilitating their accessibility through channels, requesting cooperation with government agencies to express the problems and solution proposals of the sector during decision making process.

Developing relations with other active organizations in health tourism, especially providing complementary services. Concentrating on specific areas of expertise and engaging in customized marketing communication activities related to these areas. To become institutions that comply with standards with international certifications. To attract visitors who are suitable for their field of expertise by making cooperation and bilateral agreements with international organizations. Emphasizing cost differences with developed countries and implementing value marketing with the use of quality certificates.

Health Tourism Marketing and Communication Consultancy Services.

We provide health tourism marketing and communication consultancy services to health professionals in many fields such as medical tourism, thermal and spa–wellness tourism, tourism for the elderly and the disabled.

  • Institution Analysis
  • Branding Studies
  • Strategy Determination
  • Service and Price Analysis
  • Market Research and Field Determination (Hinterland Consulting)
  • Digital and Conventional Marketing
  • Creation of CRM Infrastructure
  • Call Center Installation and Consultancy
  • Creating Database and Bigdata
  • Identifying Operational Processes
  • International Insurance Companies Management
  • Agency Management Crisis Management
  • Consultancy for Government Incentives
  • Accreditation Management