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Tourism, Marketing & Communication in Health

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Hello to everyone. We are together in another post. In this article, we will mention about the consultancy services that could be provided for field planning and marketing in health tourism and the issues that are needed to be paid attention.

The Health Sector is a more sensitive sector than many other sectors due to its dynamics and principles.

Even when approached from this perspective, the commercial dimension of the service provided and the content of the service contradict each other.

For a successful and effective health tourism, companies working on health tourism must understand and know the sector, stakeholders and the persons with whom they will collaborate well.

They must be familiar with the language of health which is specific to itself. At the same time, they must have a solid relationship with the people with whom they will to cooperate with in the sector.

For these reasons, marketing and communication consultancy in health tourism is a job that should be considered important.

It is necessary to be a coordinator, not an obstacle for ethical values, rules, medical language and doctors to practice their profession.


• Ensuring that health tourists are informed about the support provided by state institutions.

• Facilitating accessibility of health organizations through the channels like internet, etc.

• Requesting cooperation with government institutions, expressing the problems and suggested solutions of the sector while the policies are determined.

• Developing relations especially with other organizations providing complementary services which are active in health tourism.

• Focusing on specific areas of expertise and carrying out customized marketing communication activities related to these areas.

• Become organizations that comply with international standards and certifications.

• Being able to attract visitors who are suitable for area of expertise by making cooperation and bilateral agreements with international organizations.

• Emphasizing differences in costs from developed countries and implementing value marketing with usage of quality certificate as well.


We provide health tourism marketing and communication consultancy services to health professionals in many fields such as medical tourism, thermal and spa-wellness tourism, tourism for elderly, and disabled people.

  • Organizational Analysis
  • Branding Activities
  • Strategy Determination
  • Service and Price Analysis
  • Market Research and Field Determination (Hinterland Consultancy)
  • Digital and Conventional Marketing
  • Creating CRM Infrastructure
  • Call Center Installation and Consultancy
  • Creating Database and Bigdata
  • Determining Operational Processes
  • International Insurance Companies Management
  • Agency Management
  • Crisis management
  • Consultancy for Government Incentives
  • Accreditation Management

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