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What must not be done for Effective Marketing in Health?

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Hello. On this page, we will try to address the common problems of our hospitals. Our topic today is marketing in health. Undoubtedly the main function in hospitals is diagnosis and treatment procedures in which human life is protected.

However, it should not be forgotten that there is a large system behind this area. This system is generally hospital institution. Marketing and communication draw the attention as the parts of the health sector that are being increasingly important in this system. In many institutions, we see that these two units are handled together. We will cover communication issues in the next issue.

Marketing is in fact a promotion business. The healthiest and most ethical way of branding and being indispensable in the eyes of patients is through expressing yourself correctly. The changing and increasing expectations of the patients can only be survived with the right communication and marketing strategies. Marketing is not only a job of finding a “customer”, it is an effort to open the way for the optimal use of the available potential. For example, increasing the recognition of our staff and technological equipment also ensures the proper use and efficiency of these resources.

According to marketing professionals, the main marketing problems are as follows: instability in the sales team, failure to break the periodic addressing of marketing and because of that sustainability cannot be achieved, loss of motivation because of not setting targets at a realistic level, and more difficult strategy determination or not being able to reproduce the determined strategy in a healthy way, inadequacy in the training or predisposition of the personnel, fast staff circulation etc. When dealing with a problem, it is often necessary to take a step back. Our experience shows that the insufficiency in institutionalization lies behind the difficulties experienced in the field of marketing. Mistakes that can be made in setting up the marketing team and in the formation of strategies may cause deadlocks in the field later.

Are institutions flexible enough to adapt themselves to the change and the requirements of the time? For example, are field studies and promotions being able to be sufficiently supported by digital marketing techniques? Is job description of staff fully set out? Is the staff provided with an up-to-date and effective training process within the framework of their job description? Is the marketing staff able to bring what is expected of them at a realistic and possessive level in the workplace and in field work? Branding and brand protection, crisis and reputation management are medium and long-term stops of marketing strategy. Persons who are decision makers in hospitals must be able to evaluate the paradigm change in the sector, the measures to be taken against increasing costs, and the current physical and demographic characteristics of the hospital. In short, the issue of vision is perhaps the first move for healthy marketing.

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